Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I don't want to have another afternoon like this.

I've had some pretty bad days in my life, but this afternoon may rank in the top 10. On the drive after work to get Roman, I got a flat tire on the highway. Suspect something metal that was covered by the snow that wasn't supposed to fall today, and then the forecast was quickly changed to 2-4". So I pulled off & into a parking lot, called a neighbor to come get me (and thanked her with some Girl Scout Cookies) & she thoughtfully got me to pick up Ro and then took us home.

I'm home not 5 minutes when the phone rang. Charlie's daycare. Shit. He bit someone yesterday but was provoked; today he was unprovoked, bit a staff member's kid, & not only broke skin but drew blood. They asked that we please come get him and he is removed from daycare for the next two days. Great.

So while Doug is trying to put my spare on the Aztek (did I mention we were getting 2-4" of snow?) I am driving on slush-ice roads to go get Charlie. Roman thankfully was invited to our neighbor's house. I get Charlie, call Doug - he can't get the spare off the dang carrier. The whatever-crank is broken. So he has to call our insurance company, who contacted a local tow operator who (long story short) patched the tire for us so we could at least get home.

Meanwhile, I take a screaming Charlie back home (he wanted his Daddy) and try to call our usual babysitter to see if he can babysit on Friday. Dinner is finally served to my kids at 6:30pm at night and consisted of oatmeal & leftover garlic bread. Don't even question me, at least they got fed!

So Thursday I have to stay home in the a.m., Doug in the p.m., and we do have a sitter for Friday. We also now are going to look into a different daycare. And the tire is going to be replaced tomorrow afternoon. Everyone is safe, warm, & fed (although not healthily).... that's all that can be hoped for, I guess!

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