Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful day, and it's all about Charlie.

While in the basement doing catch-up on my computer, right NOW, I hear birds chirping outside. So as soon as I'm done with this post I'm heading upstairs to read or do a little scrapbooking in the SUN! I love the first appearances of Spring, even though it's still February.

While I could tell you how great my trip was to DC or tell you that Roman continues to make huge strides and is FABULOUS to be with, today it's about Charlie. Charlie loves music but we've had a hard time finding videos that he likes. We've put in Laurie Berkner Band with just a passing interest, tried the Thomas the Tank Engine songs, and Charlie's just not interested. On an off chance last week, Doug grabbed our Volume 10 "Signing Time" video. It not only is sign language but has fun songs on it. We bought it for Roman awhile ago but it has languished on the shelf the past year or so. Oh my gosh... Charlie is hooked! Not only is he doing some signing, but Roman loves watching it too and they both respond to the songs (singing for Ro, dancing for Charlie).

Charlie asks for it by name too - "Alex & Leah" - from the 2 kids who star in it. And speaking of Charlie speaking... while I was gone his speech seems to have blossomed. Even Doug said it was like the light turned on in his brain. He's stringing a couple words together now, sometimes even three. We hear "Where'd it go?" or "Daddy go?", "Again - nose" (to hear me blow my nose again), "Mama up, up Mama" "more milk" and "more cheese".... the list continues. We're hoping soon he and Roman can have conversations so Doug and I can actually get a word in edgewise to each other!

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