Saturday, January 23, 2010

worst mother in America?

In direct opposite-ness of the last post, let me tell you the many reasons why I could win that award today.

1. Made a pot roast in the slow cooker with potatoes, carrots, & onion.
Everyone knows kids won't eat it!

2. Gave Charlie a gummy bear.
Listened to his chant of "more candy" on the way home in the car. Seriously, he can say about 3 two-word phrases and that's one of them. Found said gummy bear stuck to the side of his car seat when we got home.

3. Wouldn't let Roman play with his friend. Wouldn't commit to playing tomorrow, either.
Can you believe I want our family to spend time together having fun with each other?

4. Yesterday, dared to take a picture of Roman.

5. Wouldn't simultaneously hold Charlie while I'm standing up, and grade papers.

6. Did not get up to soothe Charlie when he yelled at 3am.

7. Roman was accidentally poked in the eye by MY glasses when he was screwing around.
Never mind that he grabbed them & was trying to play keep-away.

I'm sure I could think of more... but I'm going to drown my sorrows with some power-shopping. Buying Becky Higgins' Project Life on Woohoo!


paige said...

Give up now, mama. Surrender to your badness as a parent in a tub full of warm water and sweetly scented bubbles. You know when you're licked--there's no need to compete again today ;)

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better. I'm off to ignore my children on the treadmill for an hour--Bliss!

Amy said...

Is that the real reason people have treadmills?!

paige said...

yes ma'am--that is precisely the reason. "what honey? oh, mama can't hear you. I'm on the treadmill--tell me later"

just like that!

Sheryl said...

I can see why now why you're so awful! Giggle, giggle. And like, like, like to buying of Becky Higgins stuff!