Saturday, January 16, 2010

Charlie - almost 2!

Stating that Charlie will be two years old tomorrow doesn't sum up all the wonder the thought brings me. Having a second child has brought us so much more fun memories & happiness than we imagined. It's wonderful to see Roman interact with Charlie too, and how Charlie imitates everything Ro does. In fact, he doesn't play with his own toys a lot because he always wants whatever Roman has!

Charlie is the opposite of Roman in every way, both good & bad. Which has made life interesting at times! But the best part about Charlie is his joy. He is almost always in a good mood (unless you are denying him something). He loves to smile, to be tickled, to make silly sounds, and shout out people's names. In fact, that's his favorite game - to call out our name & wait for us to call his back. He has been spicing it up by doing it in different voices or lengths, and we have to respond in the same way. (Example: "Mahhhmeee!" I respond "Chahhhhrleeee!") He likes Toy Story, Cars, & even Kung Fu Panda. He goes to bed so easy - he cuddles up on his tummy with a blanket over him (that lasts 10 minutes) then says "bye bye!" as we leave.

At times I feel like I've missed so much more of Charlie's endearing-ness because we both work full time and have an older child. So much is probably slipping through the cracks. But we adore the time we do get to spend with him and luckily, he's still at the point where he loves having his picture taken!

Happy Birthday, Charlie-boy. We are so glad you are part of our family!

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