Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Well, I kind of succeeded.

If it wasn't for a lodge in the woods with no wi-fi & my kid breaking his leg, I would have officially blogged every day in November. But I think for my first time, I didn't do too bad! I still have lots of stuff I could blog about... it was good to get in the swing of things again.

Roman has returned home and he is quite relieved. Once here & relaxed, he cocooned himself into the couch and slept for 3.5 hours. We expect he will awaken a couple times this evening as the med. he is on is only a 4 hour one. This lack of sleep is almost worse than with a new baby - perhaps because of the worry and anxiety that comes with a hurt child, rather than not minding the 3am wakeups because the baby is so cute!

I am anxious to get back to work and get things under control again. It appears my sub today didn't quite do what I wanted done, nor follow the plans my coworker gave her. And I highly doubt there were "no problems" after I saw Monday's sub note. So I need to get my work life back into shape. I have confidence that Ro will have a good day tomorrow.

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