Sunday, December 06, 2009

My son on codeine

Roman had a very calm past few days. He's been quite enjoyable, really. He has hung out in the living room or dining room coloring, painting, playing video games, turning his brain to mush with SpongeBob, that sort of thing. He has been satisfied with this routine until today. We are noticing more whining, more restlessness, and he got emotional because he wanted to watch a video from downstairs but couldn't decide what... and obviously couldn't go downstairs to be reminded of what we had. The boy handles his feelings really well, or hides them really well, because this was the first evidence of his unhappiness in many days. Mostly, though, our evenings (and weekend) are like this:

I'm hoping to arrange a visit from Roman's teacher this week. She wants to bring cards that his classmates have made, and then hopefully encourage some Math work and reading. Roman's got thank-you notes to write as well for very thoughtful people, so that will count as some handwriting, I hope!

We have seen an increase in behavior issues from Charlie that we attribute to the crazy mixed-up schedule earlier in the week. He actually had 2 incident reports from daycare on Friday, one where he bit a kid because the kid was in front of him on the playscape, and another where he was pushed first and he bit that one too. I know it's frustration over lack of language, change of routine, Roman getting a ton of attention, and all that. But Ro was never a biter so we don't quite know what to do about this!

Meanwhile, our house has been decorated for the holidays and we're entering Broken Leg, Phase Two: Daddy Stays Home on Monday. I'm sure I'll have another update soon!

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