Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas = success

The holidays were slightly different this year. With my grandma in heaven, it adjusted where families decided to be and who they spent it with. My brother's family and mine went to my parents' for Christmas Eve, first time I think since we both got married. It was great fun to have the cousins together. Santa was good to us, bringing a shopping cart for Charlie, clone blaster for Roman, and Doug & I knew what to get the family.

We stopped at my aunt's on the way through Kalamazoo and had a short visit with extended family. Then home for the night to unpack, take baths, and repack to head to Doug's family! We arrived there Saturday for more visiting and another round of presents. A good time seeing those cousins as well, though the visit was too short.

We got home Sunday evening ready to crash. I spent the day today getting the house back in order, all the piles put in their proper places, and taking Christmas decorations down. Have friends coming Thursday for New Year's Eve, and we may take a break from our annual Catan games to play the Wii instead. Who knows? The new year is full of possibilities!

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