Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cabin fever begins to strike

What an interesting week of role-changing. Doug stayed home to be with Roman while I brought home the bacon, so to speak. Ro and Doug had a few battles of the will, but it seems to have calmed down some. Roman had a followup at the orthopedic surgeon's office and got a thumbs-up. New x-ray showed good alignment and even some new bone growing. Still can't bear weight until around Christmas, and he can start to walk but keep the immobilizer on. 2 weeks after that, he can start to walk without the immobilizer. Which means a week at least at school with the immobilizer on. Things continue to get interesting!

Early in the week Roman was satisfied watching tv, playing video games, and coloring. After the successful car trip to the doctor, however, he began requesting more. Downstairs, out to the store, even Greenfield Village. We agreed to downstairs (Saturday) and out to Meijer (Sunday). He also is now requesting all kinds of crazy things to do, like cross-stitching & those beads where you make the shape & iron it so they all stick together. I wouldn't have a problem with a lot of his requests, except Christmas is in 2 weeks!

I think this coming week will be more of a challenge for Doug. He was able to get between 2-4 hours of work done while Roman played or watched tv, but Ro won't be happy with that this week. Although they do plan on going to Ro's class for the Christmas party & maybe even appear as a mystery reader.

Charlie and me? Hanging in there.

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paige said...

Ow Lady,

There seems no end to this misery for any of you. I'm glad Ro will be able to attend his holiday party--it really is the highlight of the school year.