Monday, November 30, 2009

Update on Roman

I did update on Sunday; but to do it by mobile phone something special had to be done, and apparently it's lost somewhere in space. But the bonus today is I finally have had time to upload pictures! First is Roman with a popsicle. He can have as many as he wants... I think on Sunday he had about 5 or 6.

On Sunday Roman was pretty groggy and grumpy. He ran the risk of becoming a little dictator and we had to remind him several times to be a little nicer. He was on a morphine pump which he loved to press the button. He had a rough night, waking up a couple times because it hurt. The medicine they were trying to get him on - liquid Tylenol with codeine - tasted horrible to him. He got himself so worked up and anxious over it that we convinced him to try a pill today. That went down much easier with pudding, and he reports he took it with water tonight.

Another thing Roman got very wound up about was transferring. Going from bed to wheelchair, to toilet, etc. After a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, he discovered that the anticipation was worse than the actual movement. It hurt, for sure, but he reported that once he stopped moving his pain went down to the lowest again.

The worst part is him being torn. He wants to come home, but he wants to stay in the hospital where it's safe. He has decided that Charlie is the focus of his desire to go home. He wants to talk to him on the phone, he wants to have pictures and video of him, and he wants to hear stories about him. Anyway, our high hope is that Roman will be discharged Tuesday morning and we can spend the day getting him situated at home. We have grandparents covering Wed. and Thurs, a heroic family from church watching him Friday, and hopefully after that Doug and I will have something worked out at our respective jobs. Of course I'll keep updating!
Bonus: Video of Roman captaining his wheelchair after his first adventure in the hallway. Try to ignore the screaming - that was the kid next door, training on a walker. :)


Sheryl said...

I like how the video ends with him rolling his eyes:). I'm so glad to see he's on the upswing! Angels and Santa magic came early to the uwee household this year.

paige said...

I've always wondered how I could swing eating popsicles in bed. A broken leg for a popsicle doesn't sound like a fair trade at all, so I guess I'll continue eating them in the bathtub.

Here's a joke for Roman:

What's a snowman's favorite cereal?

Ice Krispies (elliott says that's the cheeriest joke to tell).

Cat Hoemke said...

He's looking good all things considered!

Amy said...

Paige, your whole comment made me smile. Tell Elliott that joke will cheer Ro right up.