Saturday, November 28, 2009

Roman broke his leg.

We went to Costco Friday evening. We got through in record time, and celebrated with berry smoothies & a churro. Charlie thought it was fun to run his hands along the carpet samples across the way, & even lick them! Roman, in all his impulsive loveableness, decided to dash across and join Charlie at the carpet samples. Halfway across his right foot slipped on the dry concrete & went one way, but his left leg stayed planted. In slow-motion horribleness, He did the splits in a very awkward his-leg-shouldn't-twist-that-way move.

Many hours of screaming & morphine later, he has a spiral fracture in his left femur. He had surgery today and 2 rods were put in it. He's at Children's Hospital in Detroit. Hoping he will be released on Sunday but it depends on his pain & what Physical Therapy thinks - we are guessing he will be wheelchair-bound.

Dr. said not to put weight on it for 4 weeks and definitely no school for 2 weeks, maybe even through Christmas Break. Argh.


Cat Hoemke said...

Oh guys! I am so sorry this happen to him. This is the kind of thing i have day-mares about. I hope you all get some rest tonight and we'll be praying for you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do out here in the middle of nowhere.

paige said...


your poor baby! such rotten luck on such an otherwise fun trip. you have my sympathy. please keep us updated.

Wendy said...

Oh no! I've heard breaking your femur is the worst pain possible. Hope the pain is lessening and he gets to at least go to school a little bit for the sympathy and cast autographs. Prayers for all of you!