Saturday, November 07, 2009

from water bugs to dragonflies

My grandma has been laid to rest, and as a bonus got to say an unexpected goodbye again to my grandpa. I guess my family does things a little different. Neither of my grandparents were fans of funeral homes and both wanted to be cremated. So today we did a private interment at the cemetery, one of those cool high-rise box-holder things. Grandpa's ashes were already inside there, so it was kind of nice to be able to see them both side by side again, as it were.

My cousin had the good idea to have all the kids send balloons up in the air to let Grandma know we were thinking of her. The kids liked that. Then, my aunt pulled out a box of Fannie May (Grandma's favorite) and we all had a piece in memory of her. Mmm, milk chocolate buttercreams.

At 2pm the memorial began in Kalamazoo. A lot of residents from the Village came, and our family took up 6 rows, it was crazy. Nice to see my Grandma's brother and his side of the family, it had been a little over a year. It wasn't as much of a memorial as a "Celebration of Life" with a family picture slideshow, big band songs, the works. A nice children's story was said comparing going to heaven with becoming a dragonfly. Both Jessica & I spoke. I did finally get my good cry in at the end & apparently really upset Charlie as well. After visiting with people there, we went to my cousin's where we had Olive Garden (Grandma's favorite) and just spent time as a family. Exhausted the kids, they actually slept on the ride home.

So the hard day is over, and now it's just the return to living life without Grandma to get used to. See you in heaven, Gus.

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Sheryl said...

sounds like grandma would've loved all the time spent together on Sat. I love the balloon idea- that's an excellent way for the kids to participate! Sorry, I couldn't be there for the svc in Kzoo.
But I will sure be glad to see you, your mom and Nic this coming weekend!