Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is this cheating?

I could blog about how cool the Lego Castle Adventure is at Henry Ford Museum, or I could just show you the pictures. But just posting pictures isn't really blogging, is it? So I'll put little captions too. Being a member there (for the past 3 years) has been worth every penny. Roman would go there every weekend if he could. Trains, planes, cars, the Weinermobile... and the best special exhibits.

Um, not much to say about the entrance. Except you had to cross a drawbridge over a pretend moat.

This knight greeted us at the entrance. Made entirely of tiny little Legos.

Dragon protecting its treasure - and a baby dragon that is right behind Charlie (you can see a little bit of red from its wings). Again, the dragon & most of the treasure made out of Legos.

The throne room of the castle. The "stained glass" is all transparent colored Legos.

An interactive game where Roman could select what type of Lego wall he'd put around his castle for defense, then wind up the catapult and let it "fly" at the screen. His castle wall withstood the bombardment! That's why he's so happy.

Not to leave out the "apprentice builders" as they called them, there was a slide, along with soft foam Mega Legos, for the 4-and-younger crowd. Charlie loved the slide.

Best of all, as members this was all FREE. Did I mention I love The Henry Ford?

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