Monday, November 16, 2009

I don't know, just make it a short one!

Geez, this whole blogging every day bit is getting hard. This week is all about Roman. We have appointments for him scattered all around, for the ADD testing and whatnot. Which means we have a lot of paperwork to fill out about how we view him (some for his teacher, too!). Dr. said she should have results back before Thanksgiving for us, but not the formal report. It's getting crazy to do this - wish we had done it in the summer. We have to pull him out of school a couple times, which means Doug and I have to miss work often. Doug is so busy too (hallelujah for Chrysler & Ford!) and it's not so easy to keep making sub plans for half days. By the time Turkey Day comes around, we will be thankful to have it done with!

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