Tuesday, November 03, 2009

a conversation with Roman

Setting: Walking home from the local elementary school after having voted for city council & some millages.
me: "You know, Roman, some countries can't vote at all. They don't get to choose who is in charge of their country."
Roman: So?
me: "So if someone bad was in charge, the people would never get rid of them. The bad guy would be in control of everything."
Roman: You know what? America should go to all those places.
me: "What places?"
Roman: Where they can't vote.
"What would we do?"
If there's a good guy in charge, we leave them alone. If there's a bad guy in charge, we'll shoot them.
"Why can't we just capture him and put him in jail?"
Because they might try to escape.

Now, that's some Republican foreign policy for you!

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