Friday, November 20, 2009

blogging about what I was going to blog about...

I'm not sure I can call this "blogging every day" thing a success. I think about it lots more during the day, nuggets of information or stories that gentle readers may find interesting. Yesterday, I even took pictures of what I was going to blog about. But I didn't get in front of the computer.

Every week is kind of crazy around here, at least the Monday-Friday parts. This week was particularly difficult, as Doug or I had something every evening to be absent from home, and we both had to take time off work so Roman's psych. testing could be completed. So when the boys are finally in bed and Doug and I get some quiet time, we are actually spending it with each other instead of with the computer screen.

So anyway, what I was going to blog about yesterday: the state of our house. Kitchen not bad, dining room has some "stuff" on top of the buffet but it won't take long to clean. But then, there's Charlie's room. When the weather change this Fall I dutifully switched over Charlie's clothes. But because he had 3 different sizes in there, and some that I will pull out again next summer, I put the clothes in 3 different piles on the floor. And they're still there. It's probably been 4-5 weeks. I would have put them away faster, sure, except the boxes where I need to put the clothes are hard to get to, because our laundry room/storage area has exploded.

So my big plan this coming weekend is to reorganize the laundry area, the storage area, and declutter Charlie's room. If I have time, I will go through my closet sweater shelf because I have a pile of probably 8 t-shirts from my school & I wear 2 of them. Saturday night we plan on doing the bulk of Roman's Christmas shopping and perhaps some of Charlie's as Ro is going to a "lock-in" at church (but only staying until 9pm). So we need room in storage to put the gifts!

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Sheryl said...

Sounds really ambitious! Good luck!
I have cleaning aspirations too, but when I get a free ticket to Bronco hockey, I can't turn it down:)