Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Fridays of yore

Once upon a time I was living in another city which had the perfect-size mall & a unique downtown. I was single & only had my close relatives to buy for at holiday-time. And I absolutely loved the weeks heading into Christmas and all the sales. Not for gifts for others - for things for myself!

Those days of selfishness are long gone, and I kind of miss them. I got an email from an online scrapbooking business this morning with their Black Friday deals, and that combined with the Coldwater Creek catalogs they keep sending me with "save $25 or $30" coupons is making me itch to get out there and turn this recession around all by myself. I used to pick up all the fun things that I generally denied myself throughout the year... things like that cute but wholly unnecessary shirt or skirt, books, movies, CDs, even knick-knacks. How could I help but spend when I saved so much money?!

When I had kids, it didn't stop. I have just as much fun buying clothes & toys for them as I did for myself. In fact, I don't mind buying clothes for Doug either - I just love shopping. Hard to believe, because I do it so rarely. I prefer to try things on at stores, and goodness knows you can't browse any store with 2 kids in the cart. So I miss those days of yore. When asked one of my "perfect day scenarios" I think being able to let loose at a mall with no guilt later would be close to the top.

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Sheryl said...

ahh those days of yore:) I'm seeming to have the same problem right now!;)
Hope you have safe travels on the holiday!