Sunday, October 04, 2009

We go German for the weekend

We made plans to go camping in Frankenmuth this weekend, hoping to hit Indian Summer weather. Either way, we would go out to dinner Friday and host my family at the campground on Saturday. Yeah. Well, I don't think we're going to have warm weather again, although you never know in Michigan. It ended up being rainy and in the 50s all weekend. Needless to say, we spent all of our time at my parents' hotel in the pools & didn't venture outside except to go back to the campground for bedtime!

With a pool & arcade, though, even the smallest of children can be amused. Plus my brother & his family joined us for the day, so the cousins ran around and exhausted each other. We weren't sure what we would do back at the campground once we put the kids to bed, but it turns out we had one of the longest nights of sleep we've had in years. We just went to bed when they did!

Roman amused us to no end, telling us tall tales about finding his first chest hair (at 6?!). Charlie, as cute as ever, did really well considering lack of sleep. He loved the pool, screaming when we pulled him out even though his lips were turning purple and his whole body was shivering. And Doug and I got to play some arcade games as well, me winning 250 tickets with Charlie's help on one game. A great weekend. We're ready to stay home a few weeks and get into the groove of Fall!

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