Friday, October 09, 2009

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world...

Wednesday was like a mild episode of ER at our house. Earlier in the day we got a call that Charlie had a low-grade fever but no need to come get him; they'll keep an eye on it. I arrive to pick up Roman to discover he was stung by a bee at recess. Yes, in October. Charlie gets home all grumpy and as I change his diaper, I realize he may have hand-foot-&-mouth disease (that would explain the temp.). Then we unload Roman's backpack to find a sheet warning of a case of head lice in his classroom. Holy grossness, Batman!

So at some point Roman was bent over the table with Doug looking for lice, I had Charlie bent backward in my lap trying to see in his mouth, and the whole thing would be comical if it wasn't so icky. But here we are, a couple days later, and Roman is back to normal health and Charlie is... well, getting better. He has taken to not eating much dinner and then waking around 10 or 11pm at night screaming his head off. But he won't eat then, either. So this is fun. :) In fact, he's screaming right now, so I'm off to try to stuff him.

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