Wednesday, October 28, 2009

and then, life happens. Again.

I had made a decision to be more cheery in my blog, as I felt I was getting weighed down with all the therapy & speech delay and whatnot. This lasted what, one post? And now here I am, blogging about a downer again.

Usually I call my parents, and they rarely call me. This began in college, where I didn't want them calling and interrupting my very independent life, for goodness sakes, and they needed to be available on MY schedule and not the other way around. But I wasn't selfish, or anything. :) Anyway, it just has continued that way. So when my parents call ME, it can't be anything good. Unless we're trying to coordinate a Christmas gift, or something.

So my mom calls me Monday night. My grandma (we'll call her Oma) has been admitted to the hospital for a probable perforated intestine (and emergency surgery). A quick glance at WebMD tells me that this is a hole in the intestine which allows the waste to spill out into the abdomen. And commonly caused by cancer. And in one quick flash, I know exactly what's going on and how this is going to end.

My Oma had cancer around 15 years ago, did chemo, and beat it. But I guess I'm not surprised that it may have recurred. And sure enough, although we haven't got the biopsy results yet, the doctor was pretty firm with my mom and aunts that not only did they find a mass, it has spread quite a bit. And my mind rewinds to this exact time of year, 1996, where this similar diagnosis is given to my Opa. And the next 2 months of experiencing him preparing to meet God, and the dignity in which he did it.

I like the idea of Grandpa & God laying the groundwork to have Oma come meet them. It will take some preparation, to be sure - Grandma is going to take on heaven with all the energy with which she lived on Earth. With Grandpa, it was such a blessing to have the time to say goodbye. I had a couple amazing conversations with him about his death, advice he gave me which I cherish to this day. And I guess if you accept death as part of life, how fortunate it is that I will be able to say goodbye to my Oma as well.


Cat Hoemke said...

our prayers are with you all. Your Oma is a spitfire.

Wendy said...

Cheery is good, but honest is better.

May peace settle on your whole family.