Friday, September 18, 2009

a rough week for the boys

It's a good thing you can't see this picture too close - it would gross you out. Charlie went tumbling on concrete at daycare on Wednesday, landing on his upper lip. Only. Seriously, the boy is getting clumsier and clumsier. He walked into a wall at McDonald's tonight. Really!

(this picture was taken Friday morning, 2 days after the fact)

Anyway, this particular trauma caused Doug to be called because of all the bleeding, and he took C to the dentist to check his teeth. Sure enough, left incisor was "wiggly." Nothing we can do but watch the color and return in 8 weeks for another x-ray. Charlie, meanwhile, cracks & bleeds a little at night and gets pus-y during the day. It's really quite icky. In completely unrelated news, he has begun the fun age of hitting. He's also begun the fun age of spending lots of time in his crib during his temper tantrums.

Roman has not been immune this week either. For him, of course, it's behavior. Got an email from his teacher early in the week because Roman had a very rough day at school, had time on the wall at recess even. He was better the rest of the week, thank goodness. But now we've arrived at the weekend, and hopefully lots of sleep and bumming around are on the schedule. Get these boys slowed down a bit!

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Sheryl said...

Peace and rest to your household:)