Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlie with a word, or two or three...

It's apparent now that Charlie knows more words than he actually lets us hear. He picks and chooses. Often he prefers to grunt (a second-child habit, I'm sure). Many times it takes us awhile to understand his version of a word, too. In the video below you will clearly hear him say "wet" but when I ask him about outside, the high pitched "die" sound you hear is actually him saying "outside" in a very excited tone. And then, he just looks cute at the end.

I post this because today he let fly with 3 words we didn't know he knew - baby, hug, and pink. This follows the last few days, where we have heard guy, purple, and finally the long-awaited word NO as a response. Amazing. Clearly he's going to be the strong, mostly-silent type.

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