Saturday, September 05, 2009

Winding down & gearing up

Back to work, at least the first week, is all about catching up with coworkers about their summer, flashing pictures of our kids, and just enjoying the fellowship.

(me & coworkers at a Coney Island for lunch!)

But all too soon Tuesday will come, and with it… the students. Roman also returns to school Tuesday and I am sad that I will miss the walk & dropoff. Thankfully I have an awesome husband who took the day off work so he could be there to take the pictures. We finally got the letter in the mail & learned that his teacher is the one that had been recommended to us by his kindergarten teacher. Loving but firm – what Ro needs. However, his best friend is also in his class so BF’s mom made sure to tell the office to warn the teacher! I agree, I’m not sure what kind of year that’s going to be.

Otherwise our wind-down from summer has been a little hectic. Because I had schedule handout and meetings, Roman was bounced around to grandparents, our neighbor, and a babysitter. Charlie was in daycare all day and has adjusted well, except for bringing home a cold to myself & probably my mom as well.

Labor Day weekend is finding us doing some labor, but not too much. Finishing some projects, taking a deep breath before we all dive headlong back into a busy schedule. Our fall schedule will include homework every night for Roman, more papers to grade for me, karate for Roman and Doug, and we have engaged the services of a post-adoption counselor to work with Roman and will meet with her once a week for a month, and then see after that. I obviously will enlarge on that at a later date – we met with her for about 3 hours and she made a lot of connections between his current behavior and his 9 months in Russia that made a lot of sense to us.

Oh, lastly want to give a shout-out to Coldwater Creek, where I found my perfect pair of jeans after searching 5 stores & trying on more pairs than I could count (at least 7 at Coldwater Creek alone!). I was so happy I practically danced out of the fitting room. Second only to the feeling I felt when I knew Doug was “the one,” I adore these jeans.

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