Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It comes sneaking up on you.

It starts with updates throughout July from the union prez. Then, around the 2nd week of August, the letter from the principal. Then Zangle is updated with new class rosters in the third week of August. Amidst that, the weird dreams - not able to make it to any class on time, kids can't be managed, and like last night, going to class naked... and then there's tomorrow. Schedule handout to the new 8th graders. And you can't avoid it... SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION. SOON.

I officially report Monday morning but I like to work schedule handout. Also have to organize my space for the new year. Sharing an office with 2 others, so that will be interesting. They were thoughtful to offer me a patch of land. I've updated my parent letters and planned a bit of the first week of school. Guess I've got to get on that this weekend.

Returning full time will bring some challenges, for sure. Roman will be in morning care at school but I will have to pick him up by 4pm each day, meeting or no meeting. Charlie will have a long day at daycare too, 7:15ish to 4 or 5, depending on who is picking him up. Ro never had to go that long, and it makes me sad that Charlie does. But I had to take this chance of full time so we can get ahead (or stay the same) depending on Doug's job. Which looks pretty stable right now, by the way. Good things happening at Ford.

So tomorrow I step foot back in the halls. I used to go in throughout the summer. Now that I only have a desk, 3-drawer filing cabinet, & cart I don't feel the need to organize as much. I haven't been back since we got out in June. I am looking forward to it though.

Total side note: my Masters diploma arrived in the mail yesterday. Whoopee!

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