Friday, August 28, 2009

I love this weather!

No, seriously. I really do. I have been the happiest girl this summer, with temperatures only reaching 83 (except for that one week) and cool breezes. It has rained a lot too, which is all right as well. Has saved a lot of watering. We haven't run the air conditioner much either. Today was a particularly weird day, very October-ish. High of 66, rain. August 28. And to top it off, not only did I see a tree's leaves actually turning color, I also saw the first goose-V heading south for the winter. Did I mention it's August 28?

This would all be fabulous except I'm afraid that winter will come sooner. I could live without that. If it was Fall all year 'round I would be happy. Except I can't figure out which state that would happen in.

Charlie began to go back to daycare this week. He loves it. He cries when we pick him up, he wants to stay and play. He also has been super-tired, in bed 30 min to an hour earlier than normal (and getting up at the same time). We still have had no news of Roman's first grade teacher, apparently letters will arrive next week sometime. Monday night is "bounce back to school" where the PTA serves dinner and the kids can go on 3 or 4 different bouncers. Actually, I think Ro will bounce and then eat. :) I think it will start hitting Ro then - he hasn't really said much about school, although Doug and I are trying to figure out what our general household routine will be once we're all "back in."

Nothing big planned this weekend, which is nice. A trip to Costco, some puttering around the house. I have finally laid out all my unfinished scrap projects and have a goal of finishing most of them in the next month. I did two of them today from the convention I went to in May - 5 cards that had to be completed, and an acrylic album. Also on the list is an 8x8 brag book of our wedding (4 pages left to complete), a "Russian treasures" acrylic album (want to stamp some swirls & such on it), stamp the titles in our Disney album, and put together something for Roman's first year of kindergarten. I actually want to do a "school days" album and I have scanned a lot of his work and crafts to include in it. Just need to organize it! That may have to wait until later though.
Anyway, here are my darling boys.

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