Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charlie's words

It's pretty neat to discover that Charlie is adding a word or two to his vocabulary every couple days. I know I made a short list before, but for posterity I need a more comprehensive list. Here are Charlie's words at 19 months (adjusted 17 months; including ear infections, adjusted 13 months).
Heh-wo (hello)
gack (snack)
gink (drink)
gircle (circle)
dish (fish or stairs, depending on the context)
up (for both up and down)
die or dide (outside)
go? (with palms up, asking where something went)
all done (with palms up)
all gone
boo (for a video, trying to say "blue" for "Blue's Clues")
pay (occasionally, for play)
bruba (for brother)
muh-nee (not sure what this is... emphasis on nee...he started saying it a couple days ago)
mommeh (I think this is his mommy word)

and it sounded like he said muckey for monkey yesterday. He can also make the sound of a monkey (ah-ah-ah) and a dog "woo, woo" (for woof, woof). Charlie will also say a word once, and then it disappears again for days into weeks - such as milk, cup, and Doug swears he heard "cozy" this morning.

EDIT: Of course he said a few more words this afternoon! He can also say: why, toes, belly, "uck" (for stuck) & mine.

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