Friday, August 28, 2009

I love this weather!

No, seriously. I really do. I have been the happiest girl this summer, with temperatures only reaching 83 (except for that one week) and cool breezes. It has rained a lot too, which is all right as well. Has saved a lot of watering. We haven't run the air conditioner much either. Today was a particularly weird day, very October-ish. High of 66, rain. August 28. And to top it off, not only did I see a tree's leaves actually turning color, I also saw the first goose-V heading south for the winter. Did I mention it's August 28?

This would all be fabulous except I'm afraid that winter will come sooner. I could live without that. If it was Fall all year 'round I would be happy. Except I can't figure out which state that would happen in.

Charlie began to go back to daycare this week. He loves it. He cries when we pick him up, he wants to stay and play. He also has been super-tired, in bed 30 min to an hour earlier than normal (and getting up at the same time). We still have had no news of Roman's first grade teacher, apparently letters will arrive next week sometime. Monday night is "bounce back to school" where the PTA serves dinner and the kids can go on 3 or 4 different bouncers. Actually, I think Ro will bounce and then eat. :) I think it will start hitting Ro then - he hasn't really said much about school, although Doug and I are trying to figure out what our general household routine will be once we're all "back in."

Nothing big planned this weekend, which is nice. A trip to Costco, some puttering around the house. I have finally laid out all my unfinished scrap projects and have a goal of finishing most of them in the next month. I did two of them today from the convention I went to in May - 5 cards that had to be completed, and an acrylic album. Also on the list is an 8x8 brag book of our wedding (4 pages left to complete), a "Russian treasures" acrylic album (want to stamp some swirls & such on it), stamp the titles in our Disney album, and put together something for Roman's first year of kindergarten. I actually want to do a "school days" album and I have scanned a lot of his work and crafts to include in it. Just need to organize it! That may have to wait until later though.
Anyway, here are my darling boys.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It comes sneaking up on you.

It starts with updates throughout July from the union prez. Then, around the 2nd week of August, the letter from the principal. Then Zangle is updated with new class rosters in the third week of August. Amidst that, the weird dreams - not able to make it to any class on time, kids can't be managed, and like last night, going to class naked... and then there's tomorrow. Schedule handout to the new 8th graders. And you can't avoid it... SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION. SOON.

I officially report Monday morning but I like to work schedule handout. Also have to organize my space for the new year. Sharing an office with 2 others, so that will be interesting. They were thoughtful to offer me a patch of land. I've updated my parent letters and planned a bit of the first week of school. Guess I've got to get on that this weekend.

Returning full time will bring some challenges, for sure. Roman will be in morning care at school but I will have to pick him up by 4pm each day, meeting or no meeting. Charlie will have a long day at daycare too, 7:15ish to 4 or 5, depending on who is picking him up. Ro never had to go that long, and it makes me sad that Charlie does. But I had to take this chance of full time so we can get ahead (or stay the same) depending on Doug's job. Which looks pretty stable right now, by the way. Good things happening at Ford.

So tomorrow I step foot back in the halls. I used to go in throughout the summer. Now that I only have a desk, 3-drawer filing cabinet, & cart I don't feel the need to organize as much. I haven't been back since we got out in June. I am looking forward to it though.

Total side note: my Masters diploma arrived in the mail yesterday. Whoopee!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charlie's words

It's pretty neat to discover that Charlie is adding a word or two to his vocabulary every couple days. I know I made a short list before, but for posterity I need a more comprehensive list. Here are Charlie's words at 19 months (adjusted 17 months; including ear infections, adjusted 13 months).
Heh-wo (hello)
gack (snack)
gink (drink)
gircle (circle)
dish (fish or stairs, depending on the context)
up (for both up and down)
die or dide (outside)
go? (with palms up, asking where something went)
all done (with palms up)
all gone
boo (for a video, trying to say "blue" for "Blue's Clues")
pay (occasionally, for play)
bruba (for brother)
muh-nee (not sure what this is... emphasis on nee...he started saying it a couple days ago)
mommeh (I think this is his mommy word)

and it sounded like he said muckey for monkey yesterday. He can also make the sound of a monkey (ah-ah-ah) and a dog "woo, woo" (for woof, woof). Charlie will also say a word once, and then it disappears again for days into weeks - such as milk, cup, and Doug swears he heard "cozy" this morning.

EDIT: Of course he said a few more words this afternoon! He can also say: why, toes, belly, "uck" (for stuck) & mine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

An adoption teachable moment

The coloration difference between Roman and Charlie is pretty noticeable, especially in the summer when Roman turns very brown. I've had people comment on Ro's coloring before, and family of course mentions the marked difference between the boys. Roman definitely has some Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern/Afghan (should I say Arabic?) influence in his looks; the eyes and skin tone, especially. Living where we do, we see other Middle Easterners often and it's very noticeable then - when you see Ro next to others. In fact, I know there have been some curious glances in stores when I look so Irish and Ro looks obviously... not.

Anyway, I went to the tailor the other day to take in a pair of pants for school. Dragged the boys along, of course. The woman is either Middle Eastern or Greek, hard to say. Mediterranean. Anyway, she could not get over Roman's coloring. "He looks like my grandson!" she cooed, and then she saw Charlie and kept talking about it. "They don't look anything alike! He is so dark!" (pointing to Ro.) I used my common phrase, "The baby has his dad's coloring" which cracks me up privately, then, because Ro doesn't have MY coloring. I think I'm coming across as a tramp - maybe they have different dads?

Long story short, when we got in the car I said to Roman:
"Do you know what she was talking about, your coloring?"
"What did she mean?"
"That I have darker skin because I'm from Russia, and Charlie is from here."
I explained that he may run into this more and more - people comparing he and Charlie and talking about what they look like. I then said:
"Do you want to explain to people that you're from Russia, or do you want to ignore it?"
"I will ignore it, and just say 'whatever!' Unless they are a friend, then I might tell them."

I was so proud of him. The boy has already begun to work through in his mind whether to share his story. So cool.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A really cool day.

Today was the first day, truly all summer, that both boys were home with me, healthy & wanting to play. So we went to Costco and had our morning snack while there... Mmm, berry smoothie... (they both have the same look on their face, isn't it awesome?!)

Then after lunch & naptime for Charlie, it was outside to play on the slip-&-slide...

And to try to take drinks from the slip-&-slide...

Then back inside to cool off, and draw on the windows with our Crayola window markers (a fantastic investment!)

Then while Roman played with our neighbor, Charlie kicked back with some goldfish & milk for afternoon snack... like the leg slung over the side? Cute.

Whew! Makes me wonder what's in store tomorrow... ???

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer fun

Been teaching VBS this week, 5th graders. My first year, and I wasn't really thrilled about it. But I've been having a good time, although they tire me out! Tomorrow is the grand finale and I've got approx. three weeks left before craziness (work) sets in again. That's approximate, as we don't have a contract yet. :)

Don't have much to report - kids are hilarious and we've been having lots of fun. Evidence below.

Catching roly-polies...

smelling the flowers...

swimming with family...

getting tattoos...

and groovin' to the iPod.

Future excitement on our list? Hopefully pool gathering at a coworkers, a trip to the spray-park, Doug and I are going to a musical next Friday, a birthday party for Roman's best friend, and our Chicago trip. How much more can be crammed into summer?