Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What the boys are doing now

It's been a great summer so far. Much different than I'm used to. Even when it was only Roman, he went to daycare a couple days a week so I had time to myself. Last summer, Charlie was still a lump and I still made Roman have "quiet time." This summer is the first where I have had two bundles of energy and can squeeze maybe an hour of time for myself.

Charlie is beginning to add words to his vocab. We hear sounds now that resemble "all gone" "blue" (as in Blue's Clues) and "thank you." I swear he called Roman "Ro-ro" today. He also appears to be understanding us even better now, scurrying upstairs when we say "snack" and the like. Today he wandered into his room when I suggested a nap.

He is our little spider-man, with a huge attraction to spiderwebs specifically. He will pull cobwebs out of corners and wrap webs around his fingers and inspect them closely, then wipe them on his shirt. I caught him inspecting one yesterday.

Roman is getting a taste of achievement. He earned his trophy Monday night in t-ball and it is now proudly displayed on our piano. He was so excited to get it. Liked it even better than the ice cream sandwiches they got as a treat.

I also rearranged his books so the ones that are readable (with a little help) are on a separate shelf. He was pretty amazed to see that there were so many, probably 15-20, that were at his level. He got one down and read it to me and I only had to help on 2-3 words. Decided it was necessary to start getting him back into the swing of reading & writing.

I am reasonably certain of the teacher he will have this school year based on talks with the kindergarten teacher, and I looked up this teacher's website. First grade will be a lot of work - it appears the Math program has homework every day, and it is, in my opinion, the "make or break" year for reading.

We're glad to have another 5-1/2 weeks until I head back for meetings. I'm starting to have dreams about teaching my new classes, which means I should probably start planning that first week or two and getting my parent letter organized. Then I can enjoy August!

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