Wednesday, July 08, 2009

All sorts of randomness

Doug is laid off (again) this week. No, it's good! Well, not good in general, but he has gotten lots of things accomplished. Replaced front brakes on my car and rotated the tires, rotated the tires on his car, we both cleaned out and donated stuff from the storage room, and he also got started on hanging a ceiling fan in Roman's room (needing a part that Home Depot didn't have). He did lots in the yard, too. Oh, and replumbed the sink in the basement and replaced the innards of the toilet downstairs also. And no, he's not for rent!

Charlie said "duck" appropriately today, as in the bird. He also, I forgot to mention, says hi, hello, and bye-bye. I think "boo" might be spoon. He loves birds, watches them fly and raises his arm up to the sky saying "ooh!" We hung a homemade bird feeder in the front yard (out of a milk jug) and Doug saw a robin using it today. Very exciting.

Roman continues to be, well, Roman. Plays hard all day and has meltdowns almost every night at bedtime. He is exhausted but doesn't want to stop moving for a second. We have to force relaxation time at home or he'd be playing with his friend 24/7.

I had a great couple days. For my graduation present, Doug bought me a new bike. It rocks. I wanted an "old lady bike" just like the ones on Mackinac Island, you know - big seat & big ol' handlebars? They had lots of them, but I got me a stylish one. Took Charlie out today for our first ride in the neighborhood. He promptly fell asleep 10 min. in, and I enjoyed it too.

Today was the last meeting of the Playground committee, and the majority voted yes on a recommendation to tear down the playstructure and build new. The committee was officially disbanded and I am done with chairperson duties. Yay! I came home to find an email from my professor, asking if she could use my final project as an "exemplary sample" for future students. Boy, did that make me feel great! All that stressing, crying, and gnashing of teeth was worthwhile.

Finally, during my visit to my parents last week, I saw a picture in the basement I had probably looked at a thousand times but for some reason, it really struck me anew. And then I realized - my gosh, Charlie looks like ME! At least, same eye shape, definitely the same nose, same little bags under the eyes when we smile. Same curly hair, too (although his has been cut off!). In fact, in looking at a couple other pictures of me, Charlie is going to have my obnoxious teeth, too. Poor guy.
Of course, the little "adoption bug" in my head is always there, this time whispering... "well, you know he looks like you. But who do YOU look like?" The unanswered/unanswerable questions of a closed adoption. And then I wonder, does it bother Roman when people talk about which one of us Charlie looks like? Because by golly, that would've bothered me. Continuing to point out how I'm different. Right now when it happens, I throw in that Roman has brown eyes just like my mom, or that he tans as dark as my brother. We have told him where we know some of his features come from. But will that be enough? Or will that bother him too? More questions that only time and a more mature boy can answer.

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paige said...

When Elliott was Roman's age, we needed to put a lot of effort into his bedtime routine. Lots of sensory work to help him transition comfortably--we'd do a 'car wash' with lots of deep pressure, employ the weighted blanket (he still sleeps with it) and a fairly prolonged reading period (with fidgets in hand) so that his mind was engaged while his body slowed down. Bedtime was much more pleasant for all of us once we employed these tactics. Maybe try looking in the Out of Sync Child has Fun for ideas.

Excellent bike!