Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy day amusement

It's been a fun week with just Roman home and Charlie in daycare. The "what could've been" thoughts were in my head briefly - "if we hadn't had Charlie, this is what my summer would be like..." But today Charlie had to stay home because of a fever (passed down from Roman earlier in the week), and I have had a good time with both boys home. I do like watching Charlie explore and learn, and he's so very sweet. Spontaneous hugs and open-mouth kisses. Plus him adoring his big brother and trying to imitate everything he does.

We got our entertainment value out of him today at lunch. Charlie was so tired, he started falling asleep while eating. It was hard not to laugh out loud watching him, eyes closed, chewing away as his head started to sink lower...


Cat Hoemke said...

Sam has never fallen asleep at the table. I am so envious of all you people with your sleeping babies. :D

Glad your having a good summer. We'll be in town (as in Detroit) in August. Can we stop by to say hello?

Sheryl said...

You party animals- keeping the poor kid up late at night. LOL!! Too cute.