Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like Christmas in June

Tomorrow is Roman's birthday. He will be 6! Since he was almost 10 months when we brought him home, I'm one of those rare parents who doesn't say "where did the time go?" We've had some long days & weeks with this boy, so yes - it feels like we have had him for as long as he is old.

He is out of his mind with excitement. Having his birthday right when school gets out is a curse and blessing, I think. For him, he was experiencing so many emotions today he could hardly stand it, one minute begging to stay home with me and the next impatient to get to school, only to flip back around and wrap his arms around my legs in line for class and plead with me to take him home. Same thing with karate tonight - he wants to go, he doesn't want to go... poor boy must be exhausted.

Exhausting for me, too - I'm trying to wrap up the school year, move (yet again) my desk and files, and to come home and relax... but I had a cake to bake, presents to wrap (Doug did that! My husband rocks!), and school stuff to finish up. It will always be this way, I think.

Anyway, as always there are pictures on the camera but the camera is not here - it's in its spot ready to take pictures of the birthday boy in the morning!

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