Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just had to update ya'll...

Finally decided to take a break from my grad project and upload 2 weeks' worth of pictures. And when you take at least a picture a day, let me tell you, that's a lot of pictures! So let's just get to it.

First, I graduated. Kind of.

There was lots of fun in-between like Mother's Day & the scrapbook convention, but I prefer to show off the pirates who have invaded our house:

Quite handsome, aren't they? Had to be careful taking Pirate Squishypants' picture, as he's pretty wicked with that sword. Pirate Jedi, however, was very willing to pose.

Today was a momentous day in our household, too. Roman tested for his orange belt last week and received it in a ceremony today:

And then Charlie got his first haircut this evening.

Before (above... look at those curls! I love them!)

After (below... so sad, but at least he looks like a boy now.)

I wasn't one to rush cutting off those adorable curls, but people were calling him or asking if he was a girl for about 2 weeks now. We got a family portrait taken at church for the directory with the cute rings, then I agreed to let Daddy have at him with the scissors. It was a challenge, of course, but what isn't with a new toddler?

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