Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's okay, I'm here...

Just very busy. Crazy short week, but long in oh-so-many ways. Oldest child is being handed off to his grandparents' Thurs. night for a trip to Chicago with them and his cousin, and hopefully Thurs. or Friday I will have a chance to upload pictures and videos to the camera and share some of our camping fun. The surprise was pulled off, generally speaking.

I can say that Charlie now has 4 consistent words: uh-oh, hi, da-DEE, and bubble. Bubble is just the most adorable, but darned if he wouldn't say it on video. At all.

Roman is having a hard time calming down at school due to all the excitement that is sandwiching his weekdays, plus new tougher karate class and t-ball games starting next week. But we will get by, luckily even being a pistol he's really adorable.

All right. So I promise, some pictures in the next couple days.

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