Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ask, and ye shall receive!

So in my last post I was feeling crunched for time, no dedicated hours (or even minutes!) to catch up on the little things in life. And then came... THE CALL. An automated service compliments of my district, informing me that we will not have school Monday or Tuesday because of the SWINE FLU (h1N1, to be more animal-correct). A probable case at one of the high schools prompted the county health department to shut us down in order to disinfect every school. We're waiting today to discover whether we will be closed for longer or not.

So. Wow! 2 days with my kids at school. Yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry while scanning, organizing, and playing with my photos. Today I am screwing around a little more on the computer & doing a little scrapbooking before meeting up with a couple coworkers for a movie. In a theater! Popcorn and everything. Then, back to real life with some grocery shopping before I pick up Ro from school.

Speaking of school, I was recognized on Sunday as completing my Master's in July of this year, otherwise known as "pretending to graduate." I have mixed feelings about it, as I know it's an accomplishment but one that was thrust upon me. I have to have the hours anyway to keep my certificate up to date, so it's not like it was a personal goal or anything. However, graduating after 8 years (2 kids and a husband's Masters got in the way) is an accomplishment. I doubt very many others have taken that long! I embark on my last class tomorrow night, the culmination of my action research project. (pictures, as always, on the camera - will get to them soon!)

Roman had his first round of T-ball practice last night. About 4 kids on the team he knows from school, and the skills vary from darn good to never having thrown a ball in their life. Roman is in the middle. Just needs practice, and a realization that he will not be the athletic type. And that's okay.

Charlie has begun life in the Toddler Room at daycare. First official day (yesterday) he falls and cuts his lip up. Darn teeth. They did call me, but he calmed down after being presented with lunch. Definitely a child of our biological pursuasion!

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