Saturday, April 18, 2009


Details on where we stayed:

Click here on this Link to see my pictures on Snapfish (all 223 of them! Yikes!)


WMW said...

Sounds like you had such a GREAT time! I'm sure you are exhausted but the memories will be worth it. Can't wait till Anna's old enough for us to have an excuse for Disney. :)


michdaug said...

Wow, what great photos...I really enjoyed hearing all about Disney. We can't wait to take Kaelyn in a few years. Was Roman a good age?

Amy said...

Roman was a perfect age. I wouldn't have wanted to take him earlier, based on rides. most rides have to be 40" tall and he was past that, but otherwise he would have spent his entire time in Toontown (toddler-age) and we wouldnt' have done as much as we wanted.
As it was, he was pretty cautious about some rides, even Peter Pan, until we finally got on it.
He still definitely needed a stroller, though, and I've read boards that say even up to age 7 if you're going to do a week there, you'll need a stroller.