Sunday, April 12, 2009

First full day at Disney

I'm just going to keep a listing tally of what we're doing; I type faster than I write, anyway. And free wi-fi is nice.
Saturday: flight was great, Roman a trooper, Charlie not such a great traveler. Let's just say everyone on the plane knew who he was. Southwest is a great airline to travel, I will try to keep them first when booking from now on. Met my parents at the airport, checked into our condo (very nice!), unpacked a little, then headed to Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom. Got right in at 5:10 even though our reservation was for 5:30. Charlie had his first ever drink of chocolate milk and he downed it, every single drop in the sippy cup. Everyone went to bed slightly tired and excited for Sunday.

Boys up at 5:50 for Easter Bunny's baskets. Charlie had a stuffed bunny & a bag of toddler cookies; Roman had Skittles, M&Ms, Pez, & money for a Lego purchase later this week (Easter Bunny left a note saying he couldn't carry it and Roman should pick it out at the Lego store).

Got to Magic Kingdom around 8:30. Roman is unable to walk and stare in awe at the same time. :) Went straight to Adventureland. While Doug and I fast-passed Thunder Mt. Railroad, Grandpa & Roman rode Magic Carpets. Then we all went on Pirates of the Caribbean. Analysis: "It was scary at the beginning, but then I liked it." The changes & updates made to coordinate with the movie gets a thumbs-up from me.

Other rides: Doug, Amy & Baba rode Splash Mt; we ended up skipping Thunder Mt.; Daddy & Roman rode Dumbo; then everyone rode It's a Small World; Amy, Baba, Daddy & Roman rode Haunted Mansion (verdict: "I didn't like it. Too scary.") lunch at Pecos Bill's; everyone rode Peter Pan (Roman's favorite ride). It was decided after Peter Pan that Doug would fast-pass Space Mt. for our return in the evening, and then after ice cream we all headed back to Riverside, where B&G are staying. Amy, Roman, & Charlie napped (well, not Roman) while Doug drove back to condo for swimsuits (we forgot) & grandparents read by pool. Then the VE clan swam in the "junk pool" (made to look like an old junkyard island) while Baba iced her knee & Grandpa rested. Dinner in the restaurant at Riverside, then back on the bus to go back to Magic Kingdom.

Doug & Amy rode Space Mt (it's closing in a few days for major refurbishment) and Grandparents staked out a good spot for the parade. SpectroMagic parade at 9pm was AMAZING, but Roman announced just prior that we would not be staying for the fireworks because he was too tired. Adults consulted & agreed that it was a big day and we should just head back. Charlie fell asleep 8:55pm (just before parade started), Roman fell asleep in my lap on the bus ride home.

Favorite parts: Doug loved riding Dumbo with Roman ("it was a hoot!") and laughed the entire way through Space Mt. Amy loved Pirates & watching the parade (and watching Roman at the parade!). Roman loved the Peter Pan ride and seeing the parade - I guess, because he's fast asleep but kept wanting to remember the order of every float and couldn't stop talking about how Peter Pan stood RIGHT THERE, in front of ME, and waved at ME, and came over SPECIAL. Charlie? He apparently enjoyed playing in the mulch while he & Grandpa waited for us at different places and throwing the little bits of shredded bark.

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