Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disney, day 7 - homeward bound Saturday

This morning we were pleased because there was nowhere to go in a rush. Which is why Charlie decided that 5:30am was a good time to start fussing. Luckily with a little head-rubbing, he went back until 6:45am. The joys of parenting. We got up and started packing (and blogging) right away, and finally checked out at 9:30am. Headed to Riverside for some last-minute fun before the airport.

We had an hour, and darnit I was going to go fishing. We all headed over to the Fishin' Hole and got a couple cane poles and a cup of worms for a half-hour period. Ro grew bored quickly (no surprise) and when Daddy caught 2, and he caught none, Ro decided to go to the playscape with Charlie and Grandpa. I took over his pole and had my worm stripped but then caught a little one. We figured that was good fishin' for 20 minutes, and so turned in our poles & extra worms and headed in for lunch.

Off to the airport after lunch, and while our flight was pushed back about 30 min., it was no big deal. Roman had a Pirates of the Caribbean coloring book that he was busy with, and Charlie was alternating walking & laughing with throwing temper tantrums. Flight was great -Charlie zonked out around 10,000 feet, so I took him in my lap and slept almost an hour myself. Roman is a GREAT flyer, I tell you. He happily colored & chatted with his Daddy the whole time.

Got home around 7pm this evening, and amazingly have the 3 suitcases unpacked and everyone's "stuff" at least in the proper rooms, if not put away. Still have lots of pick-up to do around the house tomorrow and some things to get us back on track for the return to real life, but we are glad to sleep in our own beds. At dinner tonight here's what was reported as our favorite things we did on our vacation:

Roman: Star Tours
Doug: Space Mountain
Amy: SpectroMagic parade
Charlie: It's a Small World
Roman again: "Vacation is a fun time spent with grandparents. And family. Where are we going on our next vacation?"

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