Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disney, day 6 - Friday

Our last day of fun before heading home. This morning we decided to join the grandparents at their resort for breakfast, then headed out to Animal Kingdom. This is our least favorite of the parks and we're not sure why; although I think because we have an awesome zoo near our home, perhaps we're not as thrilled as others to see the animals. We rode the Safari in Africa and got some great shots of the animals - even Charlie liked it!

We then wandered through Asia and had ice cream at 11:15 for snack. Yay vacation! Roman wanted to go to Dinoland so we headed that way. They had a huge play area that looked like an excavation site, and Roman and I played in there for awhile. Then we checked out the rides. It looks like an old-fashioned midway, which none of us are too keen on. Roman wanted to ride the Triceratop Twirl, and he and Daddy did that while the rest of us scoped out a place for lunch. Went to Restaurantosaurus and had hot dogs and fries. Charlie was in a much better mood today, having had snacks and a good rest.

After lunch we decided to head back to Riverside and go swimming. Adults thought it would be great to go do Fantasmic, the nighttime show at Hollywood Studios, as a last big hurrah of our vacation. As Ro and Doug swam and Charlie and I wandered, Baba took a look at the schedule of shows and realized it didn't list a show for tonight! I went to the concierge to check and sure enough, Studios was closing early for "Grad Night." We were all very disappointed and I was irritated as well. I get that Disney is doing cool things for locals, but on a Friday night of Spring Break week?

After some brainstorming and getting over our disappointment, we made alternate plans to go back to Downtown Disney. We went by boat again and went to another section called Pleasure Island. Used to be the old nightlife/bar scene, and they're now turning it into more restaurants (which they can never have enough of) and some shops. We chose an Irish restaurant called Raglan Road, and were seated right away. They had live entertainment in the other room, and Charlie just bebopped along while we ate. Roman could not get enough of the Dubliner mac and cheese, he cleaned the bowl and wanted more!

We went to a couple stores again on our way back through to the boat. Lego store for Roman, where because he had stopped asking for his $5 a day gifts on Tuesday, Doug rewarded him. They had a really cool build-your-own Lego guys, a big table with all the body parts. Could build 3 for $10, and they put it in a cool package to wear around his neck. Ro was beaming ear to ear. While they went there, Baba & I went to the Disney store again. I bought a ring with an oh-so-subtle Mickey head on it, and Doug (when they joined me) agreed to a collage picture frame. Good thing we did, too, because soon after returning to the condo Roman began crying because our vacation was over and he wanted to see pictures right away and he had to have something to remember our fun, etc., etc.

We did ice cream again at Ghirardelli's (yay vacation!) and then headed back on the boat. Charlie fell asleep on the boat as is his usual habit. We came back to the condo by 10pm, where Roman had the aforementioned expression of sadness. We hit the hay immediately, as Saturday is all packing & flying home! After we pack and sort what needs to go home with us and what can go home with my parents, we are going to go to Riverside for lunch and then grandparents are going to take us to the airport.

Pictures to be posted ASAP! Goodbye, Disney!

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