Thursday, April 16, 2009

Disney, day 5 - Thursday

Whew! Another long day, and I finally have to admit that even I am tired. Today was Charlie's day to melt down, but that was later. Here's our excitement:
Went to Magic Kingdom again, fast-passed Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Roman really wanted to do Aladdin's Magic Carpets again but this time with Doug, me, & Baba, so we did that. Then we wandered through the Swiss Family Treehouse with Grandpa while Baba stayed with Charlie. Then it was off to the Crystal Palace where our breakfast with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet was held. It was a good choice - we had a table for 6, good seats, delicious breakfast buffet that lasted us pretty much to dinner. Except for Charlie. It turns out his apple spice muffin was going to be the last bit of food he had for the day.

We went back and Doug, me, and Baba did "Pirates" one last time. Doug and I decided to surprise Roman and buy him the Pirate Mickey-Ears which he had been pining for since Sunday. He wore them the rest of the day, no joking. Then we went over and did Buzz. We were done after that - crowd was thick today.

We went back to Riverside and swam in the pool. Charlie and I went to the 1-foot-deep baby pool (nice warm water, too!) and he became quite the daredevil, holding on to the side and dropping to his knees real fast with a big grin. Doesn't sound like much, but when the water goes up to your chin that way, it's very thrilling. Roman jumped off the side of the junk pool. And jumped. And jumped. I think he and Doug spent an hour, Roman just jumping off the side.

We decided then to go to Downtown Disney, the shopping mecca. We thought to buy Charlie a turkey sandwich to eat as we figured he'd be hungry, even though the rest of us weren't. He refused to eat it. Okay... We took a boat to Downtown which was really fun. Charlie loves the movement of the boats. We found a neat restaurant at Downtown called T. Rex, from the same people who do Rainforest Cafe. It was better, though - more room, more creativity (in my opinion). We got right in at 5:15, too, which is surprising. Before that, though, we did the LEGO store (Roman spent his Easter money on the tie fighter), the Disney store (Charlie's gift from us is a stuffed Roo which he reached for amid three options). Also went to the Pantry (Mickey everything for your kitchen!), yet another toy store (the big gift - the Indiana Jones pack - purchased here), and the scrapbooking store - duh. After dinner at T. Rex, we had dessert at Ghirardelli's Soda Fountain. Mmm. Roman thanked us over and over for all we bought today, and we talked - he has never had this much bought for him in one day in his life! Thank goodness.

There was a steel drum band playing along the promenade, and that was about the only thing that would keep Charlie happy. He got grumpy during dinner but we figured he was hungry and tried chicken nuggets. He threw them. We tried baked beans. He swiped at them. We tried Jello. He swiped at that. Pretty much any food we tried to give him, he screeched. We figured he was just tired, then, since he didn't nap in the afternoon. But he refused to fall asleep, no matter how much rocking, head rubbing, or stroller pushing we did. Really, he only liked the steel drum band - he calmed down and even danced to it!

So our evening ended on a slightly grumpy-baby note when he cried for part of the boat ride (finally fell asleep) and then once we got him in the car to go back to our condo, he screamed the rest of the way. Well, we figured it was coming. Everyone else, however, had a grand time today.

Tomorrow: Animal Kingdom, which we haven't done yet, more swimming, and again - maybe fishing. We keep trying to schedule it and we keep not having time for it! Roman saw that we could rent a 4-seater bike (2 front, 2 back with a canopy kind of thing) at grandparents' resort and thinks he wants to do that, too.

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