Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Disney day 3 - Tuesday

Whew. For not doing much of anything, we sure are pooped this evening. Made arrangements to meet up with my coworker who hooked us up with our condo at 9am. Boys up at 6am. Nice. Ro and Doug went out to swim in the condo pool. Jackelyn & her husband came by, we started to chat around the pool, but it started to rain. So I decided to go over and see her condo while Ro and Doug went to the arcade to wait the storm out. I got there with Charlie and it started to rain. Harder. And harder. And then it hailed. So that was interesting.

Went back to our condo but now Charlie needed to nap. Made arrangements to meet my parents for lunch, Ro and Doug watched "Clone Wars" on Cartoon Network while I read a scrapbooking magazine. Met up for lunch, and it rained. Some more. Decided we were going to go to Downtown Disney shopping. That bus took forever to come, though, so we decided to go to Plan B: Epcot. That bus showed up.

Got to Epcot and it rained. Lots more. We went on "The Seas with Nemo" which Roman just loved. Charlie too, actually, he loves watching fish. Charlie especially liked the 2 big sea turtles, actually "oooh"ed at them. Left "Seas" and trotted over to "World of Imagination," mostly because it was raining. Still. That place was fun, though. Roman didn't like when Figment the dragon farted on us, though, in the Smell Laboratory.

The rain was easing up a little, so we started toward the "countries" showcase. By this time the wind was whipping like crazy as the front came through, and there was much discussion about getting the kids out of the outdoors and maybe canceling our dinner reservation. However, my parents decided to walk the kids over to Boardwalk for dinner and Doug and I wandered in United Kingdom and ran into Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland! Doug, having a slight crush on Mary Poppins, got his picture taken with her. Then we wandered out and who do I run into, but a student & her family sitting on the curb waiting to watch the street performers! That was pretty surreal.

Doug and I stayed for the street performers, then had our meal at Rose & Crown (pork loin for me, steak & fish for him, and a Bass ale apiece). Met up again with grandparents & kids, who had indulged Roman after dinner with a 12-inch long tube of pixie-stix-like sugar. Whoa. We grabbed some seats on the patio next to Rose and Crown & killed 2 hours, alternating, holding down the fort so we'd have good seats for the fireworks show "Illuminations." It was great, but Roman asked if we could please stop staying up late because he's so tired. Wow.

Roman & Doug participated in 2 "Kim Possible" secret missions in the World Showcase and are so enamored with it, they're going to check out another "Kim-municator" on our next visit and do more missions. I won't go into detail here about it, but with a special cell phone you can do cool things and interact in different countries' plazas. For example, they made pinatas glow to discover a numeric code in Mexico, and a jade monkey statue rise up from the koi pond in China. Neat stuff.

Tomorrow: nothing firm, although we hear the rain is done. We really hope. It's either going to be back to Epcot (all the fam, except me, wants to do "Soarin' Over California") or Animal Kingdom, and probably pool time. Who knows what else the day may bring?

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