Monday, April 13, 2009

Disney, day 2 - Monday

Due to the late night last night, the boys slept in until 7:15. WOW. We didn't get up and around to meeting grandparents or getting to Hollywood Studios until about 10am. Which is fine, because this is the first trip ever with no firm plans. Baba's knee was acting up today so they only stayed through lunch, but she iced it well and is ready to cruise another park tomorrow. Here is our day:
Fast-passed Star Tours, watched part of the Jedi Training Academy.
Indiana Jones Stunt Show, which blew Roman away. He had a look of nervous awe the whole time.
Lots of pictures in & around Star Tours. Lunch at Pizza Planet.
Take the "back streets" to The Great Movie Ride. Saw Lightning McQueen & Mater; Roman did not want to stand in line.
During the Great Movie Ride, Grandpa & Charlie stayed outside to wander and Grandpa reported Charlie stuck his hands in every movie star's handprint or footprint - that had water in it!
Grandparents headed back to the hotel, clan VE got in line for pictures with Buzz & Woody. Roman & Amy did the picture thing. Then we wandered over to Honey, I Shrunk the Audience playground. Doug & Roman played while Amy tried to stroller-rock Charlie to sleep. Eventually it worked.
Back to Star Tours, where the almost-meltdown began. Roman began insisting that he did NOT want to go on it. We think he was just scared. We finally convinced him to look at the ride and then take the "chicken exit" if he wanted. Well, Doug said he got on, strapped in, and pronounced it AWESOME at the end. The next almost-meltdown came in Tatooine Traders, the Star-Wars-everything store. Roman just couldn't understand that if he built a lightsaber, we'd have to buy it, and we weren't buying today. Lots of gnashing teeth & whining later, he finally gave in.

We left after this. For those of you familiar with the park, you may notice obvious, glaring omissions. By the time we got there, the fast-pass for Tower of Terror (for Doug) was listing 3pm & we were not sure how long we were staying. Which meant Rockin' Roller Coaster was just as long. By the time we made it back to Pixar Place to check out Toy Story Mania, the new interactive midway game ride, the fast-passes were out for the day and the wait was 160 min. long.

So clearly we only hit the highlights of Hollywood Studios. We may be back on Thursday for the Fantasmic show, we're not sure. Like I mentioned, things are pretty flexible. Weather is good - because of a storm front coming we've had great breezes. In fact, I was cold during lunch today! Tomorrow is a 50% chance of scattered thunderstorms, so we're going to do a few of the following:
Swim in our condo's pool
Swim in grandparents' pool
Go fishin'
Go to Epcot
Go to Downtown Disney

All depends on weather. Doug and I will end up at Epcot for dinner as we have reservations for 2 at Rose & Crown pub. Mmm!

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