Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday day!

I awoke at 6am - thank you, Charlie, for sleeping in!
Birthday call from my parents.
I played a game of Top-It (War) with Roman before school.
I graded a bunch of projects and am now actually ahead of my self-imposed schedule.
I ate a lot of lasagna for lunch. Leftovers, but it was sooo good.
I taught. As always, fun and trying at the same time.
Picked up Ro and played a game of Cooties after school. I love playing games with him.
Got Wendy's for dinner. Again. Second year in a row. Next year, we're going out. Hopefully not to Wendy's.
Had a Wendy's Frosty w/M&Ms for dessert. That was nice. Half is still in the freezer.
Birthday call from my brother.
Birthday call from my in-laws.
Charlie was in a fabulous mood, all smiles & jabbering.
Got a gift from my boys - a digital photo frame! Very exciting.
Doug and I coordinated schedules & to-do lists.
Going to order clothing from Land's End after I blog.
Then I will go to bed & peruse a scrapbooking magazine.

I now enter my 35th year.

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WMW said...

Happy birthday!