Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sickness again!

Poor Charlie! This time it's conjunctivitis, or bacterial pink-eye, whatever you'd like to call it. We call it "green boogers oozing from his eyes." Gross, really. Poor guy had symptoms of a cold and woke up this morning with his right eye all swollen and some discharge. I warned Doug he may get a call - sure enough, Charlie awoke from his morning nap with a fever (103 at the ped.) and eyes all crusty. Doug took him in to the dr. and was given a prescription eye drop which Charlie HATES. 3 drops each eye, 3x a day for 8 days. Charlie, btw, weighs 23.3 pounds now!

On top of that, dr. said could probably turn into a sinus infection. If we see goo coming from ears or nose, we start amoxicillin. Awesome. Luckily, after 24 hours of eye drops he can go back to daycare, so Mama's at home caring for the baby tomorrow (and hopefully getting some papers graded!).

The rest of us have to wash our hands religiously for the next 24 hours to make sure we don't contract it as pink-eye is apparently highly contagious. Roman has never had it in his life, and we certainly don't want to start now!


Katie said...

Charlie has passed Teddy in weight! Ted is 21.3 pounds. Sorry about the pink eye.

A^O said...

I was wondering why I didn't see you today!