Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hell week

I've never been there, and hope I never will, but this week's been pretty close to what I imagine my personal hell would be... right down to the "tricked you!" weather. Throw another meeting my way this week and I will probably fall apart (all the way). Suffice it to say, it won't end until about Sunday night. Even though some things are good, it's just... busy.

Tomorrow night is our first swim meet of the season. It's been a disaster this week. Lineup needed lots of little tweaks, then it wouldn't load in the computer today, and on top of that - 2 kids quit, out of the blue. Another teammate told me. Two more swimmers down with some sort of strep/cold thing. And our team? Well, let's say I'm not thinking I'll end up thrown into the water in celebration after the last meet.

On top of that, just the little things of life - meetings, lots of emails, a couple cards to send out, school planning, grading papers, center time at Roman's kindergarten, Ro's visit to the doctor, Charlie's visit to the doctor, blah blah blah.... we've got a babysitter lined up for Friday night to go out with the Gen-X group from church (with Roman), and then later on an adults-only visit to a pub. But still, it's another night not at home...

Anyway, as alluded to, both Ro and Charlie had dr visits this week. Charlie had his checkup for his tubes. All is well, they look great and so do the ears. We did finally see what they meant about liquid "pouring" out his ears. It actually did, starting Tuesday. He's had the sniffles and is on antibiotics because of the pinkeye, but wax actually dripped out of his ear all Tuesday and part of today. I actually had to wipe it up with a Kleenex, and then again an hour later because it was dribbling down his earlobe. Gross, really. Poor guy.

And Roman had his almost-6-year-old well-visit. No shots until he's 11 or something, so he's much relieved. He is 41 lbs and 46 inches tall. All healthy, good vision, and we did get a referral to an orthopedic doctor to check out his feet as he is constantly complaining in the evenings of painful arches. Orthotic inserts seem to help, so we will have to get him examined to confirm it's "flat feet" or if something else is going on. No rush, though.

Anyway, this is enough of a breather. I still have to load the updated meet onto a zip drive, write an email to a parent, pack Roman's lunch, pack a snack for me, clothes for the meet, and...

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