Sunday, February 15, 2009

When Clorox wipes aren't enough.

This week has been just gross in our house. Monday I was at class, came home to Doug finishing up wiping up the puke in Charlie's crib. Out of the blue in his sleep, poor Charlie was sick. Appeared fine Tuesday and we waited for the other shoe (Roman) to drop... which it did around 4pm Tuesday afternoon with a call from his afternoon care. Ro threw up during snack, right at his seat. Oh, man...
Doug then fought his own urge to throw up Tuesday night but ended up with, let's say delicately, "other end" issues Wedn. and Thursday. I thought I had dodged it, but no... Friday I woke up just feeling gross and had the same issues as Doug until 6pm, when I too threw up. And you would think that's the end of it, right? But no... we had houseguests, my parents, and just as I recovered Saturday night it was my mom's turn to be sick. They made it home today and now we're just wondering... when will my dad get sick?

To top it off, of course, it's not just a stomach bug that has hit our house. Roman began to slide downhill again on Saturday, sleeping almost 2 hours around dinner and having a fever. This has continued all day today, along with congestion, headache, and general malaise. I think while his defenses were down from the stomach bug, he caught a darn good cold. So I don't know what will get this crap out of our house, but I can tell you I'm still not fully recovered (having a depressed appetite and some occasional nausea) and am facing a darn busy week. I do know this is going around though - had two reports of friends with little ones suffering the same thing this weekend. Yuck-o.

Other than the need for a bucket by the bedsides, our week was good. Roman had a Valentine's party on Thursday and is now on break until Wednesday. I got to help out at the party and enjoyed watching the class celebrate. My parents brought a Valentine's cake and some cupcakes for Charlie, since they missed his first birthday party. So we let him have fun with a cupcake and he obliged by crumbing and squishing it all over.

This week Doug is on layoff again (cross fingers, last time) which is lucky, because Ro is home Monday/Tuesday and Charlie has his ear tubes placed on Wednesday and will still need to recover Thursday. I have 2 meetings in one night, plus a field trip with the eighth grade on Thursday. Whew! Wonder what else we can cram into this week? Getting healthy, that's what.

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Sheryl said...

It's definitely goin' around. I had that the weekend of my bday - was at mom and dad's- so they had it the following week. So much better to get thru it and outta the households.
Good luck!