Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weight loss - a fortunate problem

I have checked the weather for Florida in April and my goodness, it averages about 80 degrees. So I thought it best to see what, if anything, fit me of my summer clothes. Having lost 25 pounds, the end of last summer was dicey - capris too big, & my mom gave me some old shorts of hers because I had nothing else that fit. Now that I am holding steady and the leftover fat has redistributed (fallen to my hips & thighs, is the better explanation) I tried on 5 different things. Capris? Not so much. I love them, but when you can fit yourself AND your year-old baby into them, it's time to donate.

Of the shorts, one receive the comment "They give you a caboose" from Doug. So they're definitely going in the donate pile too. Two more didn't fit, and 2 more are passable. So. Two pairs of shorts (and no swimsuit, by the way, because the one I bought last year had the fastener break) to face vacation and summer. It's looking like I will be haunting JCP, Kohl's, and Sears on my February break to try to pick up a couple more items on the cheap.

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