Sunday, February 01, 2009

Things that make me smile

Charlie is getting very picky about what he eats. When he doesn't like something, he not only makes a face but he sticks his index finger in his mouth, hooks it around, and flings the food back out.

Roman and I went to the library today. When we were ready to check out, he said, "Wait! We should get a book about Obama!" I asked him if he wanted to know more about our new president. "Oh, yes." He was just so earnest about it, and he wants to be so grown up. However - they were all checked out! So we settled on a Star Wars graphic novel.

Charlie has naturally curly hair. This winter it has been hard to see except for a couple spots on the back of his head, but today (as it got up to mid-40s and humid a little) his hair was curled all over.

We got a "Magic Bullet" for Christmas from some friends. It's awesome. We process almost all our dinners for Charlie now; he has recently had ravioli, roast beef & carrots, and Hamburger Helper. And has eaten it all. Yum!

Charlie has begun initiating games with Roman. This evening he tried twice; once while he was cruising along the couch, and Roman was sitting with his legs crossed, Charlie grabbed Ro's toes and started mouthing his ankle and making growling noises. Roman burst into belly laughs while Charlie's eyes just sparkled. A little while later, Charlie popped up again at the couch and tossed one of Roman's socks on the book Ro was looking at. Roman tossed it back, and thus began a good 5 minute game of "toss the sock" with Charlie giggling more and more. I love seeing how they interact. Even though we keep telling him, I know Roman has no idea how important he is to Charlie.

Roman told me twice today, spontaneously, that he loves me. I rarely hear it intitated by him, so what a great day!

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