Friday, February 27, 2009

Retraining the brain with Franklin Covey

I've been having problems the last couple (few) months letting my mind rest (since school started? Possible). To-do notes work when I get truly overwhelmed, but sometimes it's one or two thoughts niggling away for hours, even days. When I finally admitted this to Doug, I think he thought I was a little crazy. For example, I'm going on a scrapbooking weekend in 2 weeks and I'm taking my computer. I am already trying to plan when to dismantle it, how to do it, how to pack it in the car, what I'll need to use it at the crop, and what night all this should be done, because I'm going to have to have Doug show me.... and I don't have this thought occasionally. I'll think of it 3-4x a day.

Another example would be a pancake breakfast at Roman's school this Saturday. I saved the original email from 2 weeks ago, thus thinking of it every time I check my email. Then I started thinking that I'll have to talk to Doug about it. It's in conjunction with the school's book fair, so should we allow Roman to buy a book? Maybe we should let him buy it when his class visits the following week. Can we afford to the pancake breakfast? Will it be during Charlie's nap? Could we put him down early? We will have to miss karate if we go.... Again, this doesn't occur to me just once. I've been thinking about the pancake breakfast a couple times a day for 2 weeks. And this is just the mundane thoughts. You can imagine how big important thoughts are starting to control my every waking moment.

I have a monthly calendar that I write absolutely everything in. This doesn't aid in my obsessive thoughts, however, because I see the entire month in front of me and think about the whole darn month's to-do list versus say, the next couple days. And honestly, folks? Considering a switch to a weekly calendar almost panics me. How will I see what's coming up? How will I possibly know if we're free to plan something in March if I can only see a week or two ahead? Madness, I tell you!

But this overthinking is actually affecting our home life now (Doug and I can't have a normal conversation until I talk about everything that's in my brain. Yeah, you can imagine how he loves that). So today I stuffed my panic way down deep, went to Franklin Covey, and bought myself a cute WEEKLY planner (except I just saw online that's it on sale... I paid full price at the store... now something else I'm going to obsess over!). It has a space for "things to do" as well as room to write appointments. Doug told me to not feel dumb and actually write things like "talk to Doug about computer at crop" on a particular day. Then - cross fingers - I won't have to think about it again until that day.

It's interesting how I have a lesson planner at work and things go really smoothly; but I can't seem to apply it to the rest of my life. So this weekend I will be spending time penciling all my thoughts into my planner. Now, let's just hope I don't misplace it!

(and here's your bonus for reading about me - adorable picture I took yesterday with my new black velvet backdrop!)


WMW said...

I know what you mean to an extent. When certain thoughts (usually worries!) start coming up in my brain over and over, it can really distract me from work or just be overwhelming. I need to do some kind of mental dump too.

A^O said...

Hey girl! I know it's a little too late now, but for next time :-) Franklin Covey offers a discount if you bring in a PCCS least they did the last time I bought something from them.