Monday, February 23, 2009

and how is Roman doing?

It's so easy to get caught up in cute, adorable Charlie that I don't talk as much about sweet, thoughtful Roman. So now it’s Roman’s turn to be my subject. We have had two psychologist appointments, and the last one was rather interesting. While we haven’t zeroed in on whether there’s an “issue” that is measurable with Roman, he did get Doug and I to start considering our parenting and how it could be contributing to some of Roman’s behavior. There are some definite things we need to work on, such as more consistent follow-through with directions.

An example would be what occurred last weekend. Roman had been playing with Legos and they were spread all over the place at the bottom of the stairs. Doug told Ro he needed to clean them up. “Okay,” Ro said. Doug went upstairs and started doing stuff, (here’s the key!), got distracted, and 15 minutes later goes downstairs to find Roman fiddling with the Legos and not one had been put back in the bucket. So predictable pattern: Doug gets mad that Roman didn’t follow directions, Ro starts getting upset and defensive, then starts crying, and I swoop in to play middle-man and fix everything (and then often Doug and I get to arguing instead of sticking to the problem at hand).

So we really need to do better at quite a few things in that scenario: stick close by to make sure Roman is doing what he’s told to do, a better reaction than yelling when he doesn’t do what we ask, and stop dividing ourselves in front of Roman. Legos are a minor issue, but I can see if this pattern continues that things could get much worse.

In the scheme of things, however, we do believe Ro still has a movement/hyperactivity problem that needs to be addressed. The psych. took our questionnaires and the results will be discussed at this coming appt.

A rare photo of our subject - still! I haven't played with the lighting yet, but it was taken a week ago when he was so sick, he fell asleep on the couch right before dinner. I love it, though - beautiful eyelashes, perfect face. Just beautiful.

Otherwise he's doing normal 5-year-old stuff. He enjoys kindergarten and is reading more and more. Still has Star Wars on the brain most of the time, but is beginning to branch out into Indiana Jones and Speed Racer, which we borrowed from the library and the race scenes sent him over the moon. 2 bad words in it, but he hasn't noticed yet. We have noticed more and more that he doesn't actually *play* with toys, just fiddles with them. Not sure if this is normal or not. He has shown renewed interest in coloring and playing with my stamps, especially now that he can write people's names and short messages on paper. I bought him a small notepad at the Dollar Castle and he calls it his "diary."

He asks a lot about his world now, trying to organize his thoughts. For example, the diary. He wanted to know what one was, then pronounced that it was a "girl" thing. When I explained that boys can keep them too, to keep track of important days or events, he decided then he wanted to have one. He also keeps track of our moods on his own "mood chart" and marks whether we have been happy, sad, mad, or normal. Pretty neat boy!

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