Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All is well, I think.

Charlie had his tubes placed this morning and he was out within 25 minutes and on his way home. Whew! He's been grumpy and groggy today, to be expected. He fell asleep face down in his bouncer just as I arrived home, pretty funny.

Roman was told by his ped. that he has a virus and the temps are hanging on longer than usual. If he still has a temp in a couple more days, we have to go back again. He's losing his voice, which is pretty funny.

I went to the dr. today after completing my own 4th day of a sore throat. Surprise! sinus infection. 2x a year, without fail. Hopefully this is my "spring" version and I won't run into it again.

By the end of this weekend we should be all healthy... too bad I have 3 meetings and a field trip to get through by this time tomorrow. All I want is sleep!

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