Sunday, January 25, 2009

staying current with Project 365

I wondered how long it would be before I forgot to take a picture each day. Apparently only 23 days! I missed last Thursday's, but luckily made it up on Friday as it was more of a "staged" photo. It's not been real hard to come up with a picture a day - it actually gives me some freedom to snap away as I would normally like to. In the past I would take a picture and think, "how will I scrap this one photo?" And I've caught myself not taking pictures at some places because I didn't want to have yet another event to scrap. Which totally defeats the purpose of the hobby.

The 365 project is replacing my events this year, I think. Of course I will still have to scrap the big stuff - birthdays and the like - but now I won't feel bad that I haven't scrapped some events, because there will be some basic documentation of our life in the 365 album.

I'm also excited because Becky Higgins, the woman who designed the original kit (which sold out in hours, upsetting lots of people) allowed free downloads of the digital version of the journaling cards, title cards, and the like. So now I don't even have to think about what papers and such I will use, which truly is a problem - I am already 2 weeks behind! I scrapped my first week's layout and that's all I've had time for! Now I just have to pick which cards to use and slap them in the template. Awesome.

Anyway, here's some shots of the past couple weeks for your amusement.

Day 9 at the pediatrician's
Day 14 reading a class book
Day 17 first bath together

Day 23 emptying storage unit - with help

Day 24 - Me coloring my hair (a $$-saving sacrifice!)


Cat Hoemke said...

Nice shots! Really, enjoying the hobby is the important thing. I'm resign to the fact that I can't document _everything_ in his life without missing parts of it when I'm behind the camera.

ok, bath question for yo: I guess I realized that you bathed the boys together, but how soon before you put Charlie in the bath without extra security, ie bath chair, toddler tub, etc? Tobo is getting a bit big for his baby bath and I think he'd be ok in a bath tub but wasn't sure.

Amy said...

Well, they don't bathe together that often, simply because Roman wants his "private time." We took Charlie out of his inflatable tub when he kept launching himself over the side and knocked his head. We tried a bath seat a couple times but he really likes to splash.

Since he wasn't afraid of the water, we just let him loose one time and he crawls all over like it's the best place on Earth. We need to get one of those spout covers because he keeps trying to play with it. I'd say... it was December when we put him in the big tub.

Now Roman, he was afraid of the water and so stayed in his chair until he was 2, I swear. Charlie keeps his face out of the water so I don't worry too much.